Discover what life as a Christian can mean for us as we work out how to approach the challenges and opportunities presented to us in 21st Century Britain.

Life Series
The LIFE series is designed to help with practical advice about a whole range of issues facing us in our personal lives. Dr Ade Adeyemi, will give an informative talk each month in which he will share Biblical principles for us all to apply so that we can live life to the full.

Each talk will be accompanied by notes and suggestions for further reading, for those who want to go deeper. There will be opportunities in the days and weeks following each talk to follow up any issues and to apply lessons learned in your own life. 

The dates are as follows:

April 28LIFE…as a Christian
May 12The Christian & Health (physical health)
June 16The Christian & Health (mental and emotional health)
July 14The Christian & Work
September 15The Christian & Relationships (Married Life, Parenting & Friendship)
October 13The Christian & Money
November 10Finishing the Race

Listen to the talks already delivered here.