A collection of talks and teaching given at Sutton Christian Centre.

Living a mentally healthy life is essential for our well being.

Staying open to God

9th June 2019
Staying open to God through quiet times and meditation enables us to hear God and be who He wants us to be.

Going through Trials

2nd June 2019
God sees us through trials and makes us stronger.

Humility before God

26th May 2019
We are called to serve God in total obedience and humility.

Passionate for God

19th May 2019
Do not be complacent and indifferent. Be passionate for God to be a strong Christian!
Living a physically healthy life where possible is good for our well being.
Living a life of faith will have its challenges but is one of perseverance and trust in God.

Road of Hope

21st April 2019
Jesus explains to two disciples on the road to Emmaeus that his death and resurrection were predicted in scripture. He is risen!

Walk to the Cross

14th April 2019
The last week of Jesus's life on earth as He prepares to die on the cross.


7th April 2019
Repentance is the way back to God. Looking at the response of two people, Judas and Peter, who let Jesus down.