A collection of talks and teaching given at Sutton Christian Centre.

Fulfilling Potential

1st September 2019
Explore the life God has for you in full to fulfill your potential.

Irrational fears

18th August 2019
Dealing with irrational fears.

Remembering the sacrifice

11th August 2019
Jesus celebrated passover by asking his disciples to take communion in remembrance of his once for all sacrifice to save humanity.

Being Radical

4th August 2019
Christians should be radical like Jesus to convey the good news message effectively.
Learn to face persecution like Jesus did - lovingly and for the benefit of others.

Kingdom of God

21st July 2019
God will establish His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.
Working as directed by God is necessary for a healthy life style.

God’s Guidance

7th July 2019
God led the people of Israel through the wilderness by a pillar of cloud and fire. We must follow God's pillars in our lives to navigate the wilderness of life.
We should be people who are connected to Christ and also be those who help connect others to Christ.

Seeing like Jesus

23rd June 2019
See people like Jesus did. Jesus always saw the person rather than the label.