A collection of talks and teaching given at Sutton Christian Centre.

Lovingly connecting people to Christ is our main mission.

God’s Timing

24th June 2018
God's timing is always right. We must learn to trust God in whatever situation we are in and be patient in waiting.

The Pentecostal Church

17th June 2018
The pentecostal church is a universal church. The Holy Spirit is present and active in helping the church fulfil its great commission.

The battle to submit

10th June 2018
Submission to God is the key to success in doing God's will.
Stay connected to Jesus to bear fruit.

Our Primary Calling

27th May 2018
Our primary calling is to know God. Our relationship with God is more important than what we do for God.

Abraham’s faith

29th April 2018
A brief study of Abraham's faith.


15th April 2018
Digging and accessing the wells that God provides.

Salvation for All

8th April 2018
The gospel message of salvation is for all.

The Resurrection

1st April 2018
The resurrection of Jesus Christ. He is alive!